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Friendly Chef

Born and raised in Los Gatos, in northern California, Jason was surrounded by tranquil imagery. Studying communication and film at the University of Southern California and then studying art at UC Davis, he worked in Lost Angeles for 20 years, doing consulting in the tech and film industry and painting on the side,

In 2008, after he completed visiting all 50 states, he met his future wife who introduced him to the Food Network and cooking shows. Soon he was meeting the chefs on those shows and taking classes from them whenever he could, especially after moving to Las Vegas in 2013.

In 2015, he married and moved to Nashville, TN, eventually settling in Spring Hill. From his new location, he could explore the food and drink of many states nearby, as well as indulge his new interest and passion in the history of the Civil War and potential subjects for painting.

Faries Studios is up and running again. Prints are currently available with more paintings becoming available as prints soon.

Recipes are continuously being update as they are tested. Always looking for new ingredients and products to try out.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed what you saw.