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Growing up in Los Gatos, in northern California, Jason was surrounded by tranquil imagery. Not until the week before graduating USC with a BA in Communication did he pick up a camera seriously. That was the last week of April 1992, and the LA Riots had turned the local area into a war-zone. Picking up his camera, Jason photographed the burnt out skeletal remains of what used to be the stores he had visited and shopped at just a few days previously. That summer, he put down his basic point-and-shoot camera and purchased a Nikon 6006 and several lenses.

In the fall of 1992, the desire to pursue art and photography seriously led to courses at UC Davis. Jason entered the art studio program and learned oil painting from the legendary Wayne Thiebaud. In 1994, Jason graduated with a BA in Art Studio and a minor in Art History. Having lived in the quiet agricultural towns of Davis, the artist returned to Los Angeles. Upon returning, he worked briefly as a PA at RSA working with the commercial division and Black Dog Films's music video devision. He then started working at USC and teaching himself how to use Photoshop and other digital programs, as well as studying film production and still photography at the prestigious USC School of Cinema. As time went on, he started teaching Photoshop and other programs in the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at USC.

Leaving USC in 1999 to join the dot-com gold rush, Jason did not do much photography for a while. When the tech bubble-burst, Jason picked up his cameras again, bought a lighting package and a few more lenses, and got back into photography, studying the lighting techniques and styles of such photographers as George Hurrell, Bunny Yeager, Patrick Demarchelier, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Greg Gorman, Howard Schatz, and Andreas H. Bitesnich.

Utilizing his education and training in film production and photography, Jason started to do more work as a line-producer and still photographer. Today, Jason specializes in still, portrait, and event photography, shooting with a Nikon D70. At 6’ 9”, he can also get great crowd shots when most other photographers would be blocked by the crowd. He is also one of the best at putting productions together, from budget breakdowns to gathering cast and crew.

Jason has gone back to his roots in production and business analysis and is currently consulting with an ad agency in Los Angeles.

The artist with his niece, Caitlin, April 2004.